Admissions Overview

Admission to the Ateneo Loyola Schools is open to qualified young men and women, regardless of nationality, creed, gender, residence, or financial capability.

Admission is determined by the applicant's fitness and preparation for the college programs, ability to contribute toward the enrichment of the undergraduate school community, and potential to be of service to others within the context of national development.

The members of each first year batch are selected by the Committee on Admission and Aid, which bases decisions on past academic performance, on the recommendations of teachers, and on information written down on the application form.

Degree Programs

Ateneo de Manila University offers a wide range of fields of specialization in the arts, sciences, and management through the major curricula. Each major curriculum consists of a sequence of courses that provide a strong program of training in the area of specialization in which the student wishes to major.

Degree programs marked with and asterisk (*) are Honors programs, accepting only applicants from the top 15% of the batch.

Your Path Towards Admission


Admission takes into consideration your academic performance; your co- and extracurricular involvement; disciplinary record; recommendations; and your personal essay. Have all required documents for your application (including scholarship application, if applicable) on hand before you start filling out the forms.


Take your time in filling out the application, including your Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire. Carefully select your degree program choices. We encourage you to submit way ahead of the deadline, to avoid stress.

Processing and Review

Your application will be reviewed by the Committee on Admission and Aid, based on specific criteria. Results will be released online.


You will get one of three decisions: accepted, waitlisted, and not accepted. Once you are offered a place in the freshman batch, you will be asked to confirm your slot. You will become an official student once you enroll for the first semester. Welcome to Ateneo!

First Year or Transfer Applicant?

Depending on your school and graduation status, you will belong to a particular applicant type. This applicant type will determine your particular application pathway.

  • You are considered a first-year (freshman) applicant if you are still in the last year of senior high school.

  • If you have already graduated from senior high school, you will be considered a first-year applicant if you have not yet taken any college or university units/courses before and/or during the application period.

  • You are considered a transfer applicant if you have already taken units/courses in college or university. The transfer application cycle will open at a later date.

Local or Foreign Applicant?

Your pathway will also depend on where you are studying.

  • You are considered a local applicant if you are studying in, or graduated from, a school inside the Philippines.

  • You are considered an international applicant if you are studying in, or graduated from, a school outside the Philippines.

First Year College
Application Process for SY 2021-22

For the incoming first year batch for School Year 2021-22, all applications will be submitted online.

All application pathways will start at the Ateneo College Application Hub,

Before starting your application, review your degree program and scholarship options carefully. Prepare all the required supporting documents beforehand.

Application Form and Documentary Requirements

There are three application pathways:

Route 1: For applicants from select Metro Manila schools, via the portal (list of schools can be viewed at the Application Hub)

Route 2: For applicants from the rest of the Philippines, via the Ateneo College Application Hub

Route 3: For applicants from outside the Philippines, via the Ateneo Global portal (

Fill out the appropriate application form and upload your supporting documents. Each application route/portal contains more detailed information on the application process.

Required Supporting Documents

  • Payment slip / deposit slip as proof of payment of application fee (see “Application Fee Payment” below)

  • Personal essay

  • High School Record Form and Principal’s Recommendation Form

  • Guidance Counselor / Class Adviser’s Recommendation Form

  • Teacher’s Recommendation Form

  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire, if applicable

  • Additional documentation, if applicable (ex. IB grades, SAT results, or NCAE results; scholarship application supporting documents)

Data privacy

To proceed with the application, you will be asked to agree to the Privacy Policy for Applicants, Students, and Alumni. To read more about our privacy policy, visit

Application Fee Payment

Pay the application fee: Php 600 for applicants studying in schools in the Philippines, or Php 2,500 for applicants from schools outside the Philippines.

Applicants from public or science high schools in the Philippines are exempted from paying the application and testing fees.

Applicants from private high schools in the Philippines, who are financially unable to pay the application fee, and belong to the top 10 students of the graduating class, are exempted from paying the application fee upon submission of a certification from the school.

There are various methods of payment available; choose the most convenient method for you. Once payment is made, please save your proof of payment (payment slip/email/receipt) as it is part of the requirements for application.

More about Application Fee Payment

Scholarship Application

If applying for a scholarship or financial aid, fill out and submit the Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire and the required supporting documents.

Details of the application process, links to the online forms, and the list of required supporting documents can be found at the Scholarship Applications SY 2021-2022 page.

Visit for more information about scholarships and financial aid.

Completion and Submission of Application

Complete and submit your application on or before 1 December 2020. We encourage you to finish your application way before the deadline.

For applicants from schools whose school year starts in October 2020, the submission deadline is extended to 15 December 2020.


Decisions on admissions will be released around February 2021 via email.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

An Ateneo education is an investment in your future. Ateneo also recognizes that finances could a major barrier for many young and talented individuals who would want to pursue this kind of life-changing education and formation - and Ateneo is here to help.

Scholarships for deserving but financially challenged students continue to thrive - thanks to the university's firm commitment and the constant support of many generous alumni and other benefactors. Around 21% of the total college population enjoy various scholarship support.

There are various types of scholarships: academic, athletic, government and private (external), and financial aid (need-based) grants.

You will need to submit your scholarship application along with your application for admission. There is no additional fee for the scholarship application.

Scholarship/Financial Aid
Application Process for SY 2021-22

Application for Scholarship for First Year College Applicants, School Year 2021-2022


Please read the following instructions carefully.

1. DOWNLOAD the Scholarship/Financial Aid Questionnaire (see below).

2. FILL OUT THE FORM PROPERLY AND COMPLETELY. The financial aid questionnaire/form should be accomplished by the PARENTS of the applicant. Write N/A if the information requested is not applicable.

3. PREPARE electronic copies of the following documents:

  • Parents’ detailed, clearly written, and signed personal letter describing the family’s financial situation and reasons for the financial aid request. (If will submit multiple pages, please save in one file only)

    • Father's Employment Documents (Please save all father's employment documents in one file only)

      • Certificate of Employment & Compensation (including bonuses, commissions, and allowances). OFWs must submit copy of employment contract.

      • 2019 Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld

      • pay slips for the last 2 months prior to submission of this form.

    • Mother's Employment Documents (Please save all mother's employment documents in one file only)

      • Certificate of Employment & Compensation (including bonuses, commissions, and allowances). OFWs must submit copy of employment contract.

      • 2019 Annual Income Tax Return or Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld

      • Pay slips for the last 2 months prior to submission of this form.

    • If parents are self-employed, own (or co-own) a business or a Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME), please save the following documents in ONE FILE:

      • A detailed description of the nature of work or business

      • Income & Expense Financial statement

      • Original and photocopy of the Annual Income Tax Return. Please indicate in your personal letter if exempted from filing an ITR or reason for non-filing.

    • If parents are retired or were retrenched within the past three years, submit a Certificate of Retirement or Separation with the amount of retirement/separation benefits received from the company and from Pag-ibig and SSS or GSIS.

  • Certificate of Employment & Compensation (including bonuses, commissions, and allowances) of each presently employed, unmarried sibling. (If multiple siblings are working, please save all COEs in one file only.)

  • Photocopy of electric bill for the last 2 months (Please save the two electric bills in one file.)

  • If applicable, photocopy of parents’ credit card billing statements for the last 2 months (Please save the two credit bills in one file.)

  • Clear photo of residence (FULL VIEW of the whole house, PLEASE INCLUDE HOUSE NUMBER) and kitchen (main and dirty kitchen with the refrigerator in the photo). If residing in a building/condominium/apartment, please submit a photo of the whole building. Please paste photos on the space provided in the Financial Aid Questionnaire.

Applications without the required documents or with incomplete information will not be processed. If you are unable to submit a document, please provide an explanation letter.

4. SEND THE RECOMMENDATION LINK to your teacher or guidance counselor who will give you the recommendation for scholarship:

Please don’t forget to provide him/her with your Complete Name and Ateneo Application Number (AAN) .

All given information will be kept confidential and will be used for the purpose of evaluating the student's financial aid application.

5. FINISH YOUR SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION on or before the deadline, 1 December 2020.

The contents of this page is the summarized version of information found at the
Loyola Schools Office of Admission and Aid (OAA) website,

Visit the OAA website for more detailed information.

Information accurate as of 1 September 2020.

We look forward to hearing from you.