In general, all applicants will have to pay the application fee:

Php 600 for applicants from schools in the Philippines

Php 2,500 for applicants from schools outside the Philippines.

Fee Waivers

Applicants from public or science high schools in the Philippines are exempted from paying the application and testing fees.

Applicants from private high schools in the Philippines, who are financially unable to pay the application fee, AND belong to the top 10 students of the graduating class, are exempted from paying the application fee upon submission of a certification from the school. The certification must be signed by the school principal.

Payment Options

There are various methods of payment available; choose the most convenient method for you. Once payment is made, please save your proof of payment (payment slip/email/receipt) as it is part of the requirements for application.

Payment Instructions (Application Fee).pdf

We look forward to hearing from you.